Sighs, foobs and blessings…

I have hurt myself to the point of not wanting to get up again. I SO wish this stupid pain would go AWAY. Is it going to be this way forever or am I going to have to be careful making a sandwich too? *Sigh*  I try to remember why I did this to begin with and I look back and go. “Oh, yeah, so I would feel better mentally down the road and not have to deal with physical boob pain filled with cancer and possibly leave my children early.” Yeah, well at this particular moment I am NOT feeling that way. My chest feels as if it’s on fire and the muscles feel like I just popped a  kid through my chest.I have been on the stupid Neurontin since August and it’s not doing a damn thing (except making me fat) I am so frustrated. I hate crying, I can’t stand being in and out of the doctors offices. Hey, we have bad days too!

BUT!!!! I had a wonderful time with my daughters last night. They are such a gift and wonderful blessings!  My youngest,  Rileigh had a choir concert and it was pretty fantastic! I am a very proud mom who loves seeing my girls doing things that make them happy! My oldest plays the flute and to be perfectly honest that thing is a puzzle I can not figure out. Way to go for being able to play so well Raine! So even for being in pain, and so frustrated and sad… they loved me through it and made sure to ask if I was alright during. I love my kids. 🙂

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