So steady as she goes

dad and me    I swear all of you out there in blogville are going to think I’m losing it. I have had a totally awesome day! NOT!  But steady as she goes…  Can’t quit pondering the good ol days with my family and my dad still being a part of it. I know you have NO idea what the hell I’m talking about but to catch you all up, it goes like this…. I was born and raised with my mom and dad Together. But then when I was around 21-22 my dad decided he was done being married and left my mom and all of as well… kinda felt like he abandoned us. Well me anyway. I have days that I am alright with it, and days where I really miss that old guy. For who he was when I was young. Picking me up and swinging my legs up into the air and had me “walk” on the ceiling. Go golf ball hunting on Saturdays with him at the park we lived near. Raspberry filled doughnuts on Sundays before Church… riding with him to work on days he could take me on site… teaching me how to sing  The Doors “Riders on the Storm” at night when it would rain…    .

Trust me, living in my house we were as normal as you could get… I just never thought he would really go. Yes, the ‘rents would argue like I suppose normal parents would argue. But I really just didn’t see this coming.    He was a phony to me after this. (My dad was a preacher) He ruined all that he taught me after this. He made an ass out of his self after this. Well what to do, what to do? Moving on now. Gonna go rock out to some Led Zeppelin… maybe that will move my brain on to not think about this stupid shit. I should be over it by now anyways.  He has missed so much since he decided to leave.   I promise to try to blog a better day tomorrow.  Night all!

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