Five weeks already? 

So I have so many thoughts running through my head right now. I have been through the ringer as far as emotions, and didn’t know you could actually go through it all so fast. I thought it would be gradual. But, I’m working on it. I have lost my hair, I thought I was going to give up at one point because my stomach was so jacked up from chemo that I wanted to to just lay down and not wake up… But I took my meds and slept it off, and I kept on going. I have learned that if I laugh and walk with my thoughts, that I’m better… 

In the process of dealing with my cancer a dear friend to my heart was diagnosed with tnbc ( triple negative breast cancer) it broke me for literally a few days but, again she is a fucking warrior and will win this fight. It won’t be rainbows and sunshine, and she will be afraid, same as I, but she will be just fine. Why do I know this? Because she is just like me!!  Go Laura go, I believe in you~* 

Oddly, this day I had three years ago my mastectomy to PREVENT cancer and I am sitting in my chemo chair with stage 3a non small cell lung cancer… It’s basically bullshit, BUT, I will get through this. I have so much support, fun people in my life, amazing doctors, nurses, and most of all I have my family!  I will not give up, I will not give in to this disease. I have too too much to live for & to love. I’m Leanna, and no longer do I consider myself a Previvor, but a survivor; surviving through the scariest shit of my life. And, I’m a fighter! But most of all, this iz MY life, and I want it back. So I’m taking charge and not letting go.   


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