I want my normal back.

I feel like Ron Burgundy in the telephone booth… I have a love/hate relationship with my emotions, and I don’t even have a uterus!!!

Well,  to say the least my healing has been dragging along due to some road work and blocks in my head. AKA Larry and the other two stooges. The target therapy was still giving me fits, but we are still going to get this under control. I have seen and felt some new memories come back to me. It’s almost like a flood with some. Others, not so much. I still don’t remember the trip to the ER, (back in July 2016) or staying in the hospital,  but when I went to start radiation again this week;  I had a test done and it was there… hammer, pencil, sailboat. It slapped me dead in the face.  Larry is sitting right in the orbital/memory bank area and has decided he wants to relax. Well…. let me tell you, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! 

I think everyone in my family has been aggravated about this mess, me being on edge all of the time, I’m confused, I can’t remember…. SIGH. I don’t know I am just frustrated. I want my doctors plan to work, the drug to work and the radiation to work. But I want it NOW. NOT later. My kids see me go back and forth to the doctors more than anywhere. They want their mom back!!  I know it takes time, patience, and strength. But I am running low in the tank.  This week I started brain radiation to get rid of Larry, he had grown and he doesn’t deserve to live there. I should be finishing by the end of this week and then moving back to Gilotrif   (Info on target therapy ) and obvious tests weekly. For the moment I am trying to be as humorous as possible and stay on top of my game. I have my girls to keep my heartrate up as well. As to the fact that they are growing like freaking (insert other word than weeds here) lol Raine will be graduating this year and Rileigh will be a junior!! We are always running somewhere. I just wish it were to the beach far away somewhere. Till then~

One thought on “I want my normal back.

  1. Many prayers to you my sweet friend. I know I have been gone for a long while. I wish we had never lost touch. BUT, life does its own funny things for reasons we may never know. I’m just glad we have began to reconnect after such a long time. I have always cared for you and will continue to do so. I do not want to lose you again. So, keep your head up and fight with all of your soul.. because a lot of people love you and I admire the hell out of you. So I send all my love.

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