About Me




  I am a stay at home mother who does everything she can to make her kids happy and proud of who I am. I love to cook and clean  *Although that could be the OCD* and I love, Love, LOVE  music. It’s therapy for the soul.  I am just starting this blog so don’t fault me for screw ups… 😉

I will be posting just about everything that pops into my head. Not just one subject. That may be the adhd and Bipolarity…

I try to please everyone which sometimes gets me into trouble. I over-analyze things and sometimes talk too much, I wonder if my family and friends think that they need to take out stock in duct tape to keep my mouth closed, I tend to ramble on and on and on and on…. (I think this is BS, but my sister said to add it)

I recently had a PBM * prophylactic bilateral mastectomy* due to having BRCA2+  and have been learning more and more as I go about the breast and ovarian cancer gene.  At first I was really nervous about all of my friends and the world to know,  but now I am moving past that and sharing my story and journey. And as of *3/12/15* I was recently diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. So, Here we go again!! Hopefully between blogging, music and friends and family I can keep my mind occupied and will kick its ass to the curb! 

Welcome to my crazy life!

That’s about it. Read on if you like!


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