Gamma…gamma… gamma

Tomorrow is the day we leave to have gamma knife radiosurgery. So far I really like the nurses and the doctor is SO informative. He’s great (Vinai Gondi)

However he doesn’t mess around, he’s a straight shooter and tells you the truth on what could and couldn’t be. He isn’t a magician. But he is there for you and will answer any question you may have for him. I am ready to do this. I want to be “me” again. Feel real feelings again, remember things again, ( or at least try) Mostly being me is NOT giving up and trusting in the process of letting go and letting medicine work. And never letting go of the fact that GOD will get me through this.  Now I’m off to prop up my piggies  swollen due to dexo.  So, with that being said… Gamma… gamma… gamma!!