Hope & Believe


Without hope where would we be? Without love where would we be? Without friends where would we be? I ask you to just to think on this… Right now, I have hope. LOTS of it. I have love, & lots of friends, and I have a whole network of other friends battling the same things as I am. I have hope that at some point that there will be a cure, not only for lung cancer, but for ALL cancers. I can’t keep having these horrible days that take over me and I just want to cry in a corner and pity myself, its not a help; but a hindrance. I want anyone and everyone I know that there is such a peace with God if you let him in. If you pray, and give it all to him, he will take care of you. Now, I know that in my previous posts I cuss like a sailor, and I still do, but I believe in in God and I still fail, and I still sin; daily. 

As long as I can remember though, my mother would pray and tell me to pray when things got tough, and he would listen, and mostly, he always comes through. You just have to believe. And right now, I BELIEVE, and I HOPE. I have amazing doctors, and nurses who take great care of me and they take the best steps to making me better. Whether its what I want or not, I still go through what they suggest. Right now I am waiting on Pet Scan results. To be honest…… Am I afraid? Of course!!  However, having fear is healthy sometimes,  So I am trying to work on that part.  And just keep going, and while running into a lady in a gas station today who recognized me from my blog and my Facebook page also called  https://www.facebook.com/Andthisizmylife/?fref=nf my heart swelled really big and it gave me EVEN MORE hope to keep going and let go of the fear. She told me I was amazing, strong and that I was beautiful for going through what I had been though. And to BELIEVE that I was going to make it. And you know what? I am. And, Gloria, you touched me. Thank you. 


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