Psstt… hey reader, yeah you. I have a frousin.

You know what?!  I have a cousin who has been there for me for so much and is more like my sister.  She gives the best advice and is SO insanely smart.  I can trust her and tell her anything and she doesn’t judge me.  I can have a bad day and completely lose my mind and scream at her, (it not being her fault obviously)  and she just listens.  I can be open and honest with her and she accepts me for me.  She UNDERSTANDS me. I could probably call her at three in the morning to just ramble on and she wouldn’t be pissy. She may be tired and a bit confused at that hour,  but she wouldn’t be pissy. She is an entirely wonderful person who deserves so much more thanks than what I can give her. For the shit that I have tossed at her she deserves a vacation away from my blabbering.  I’m sure she would accept the hug and smiles… but she deserves WAY more.


I bet your jealous. If I were you I would be.  I know it seems a bit weird to go on and on about someone and it not be your kids or your spouse or your parent…but if you knew her you’d understand.  She is a special person to my heart.  I call her frousin because she is my best friend F/friend+ C/cousin = Frousin. I bet you want one now too. But you better hurry… people like these are hard to find. So Lisa, thanks for ALL that you do. Not JUST for me. But for your own family, your beautiful, beautiful babies. And your husband. They are extremely blessed as well. Trust me.

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